Cacao Magic: Cacao Can Increase Your Happiness

Cacao can seriously increase your happiness – Are you ready?

Written by: Michelle B. Helfner, L.Ac. , Integrative Acupuncturist for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Hopefully, you have experienced the heart opening magic of cacao. Maybe we did a ceremony together and you want more of that magic.  DONE!!!

Depending on the group and intentions I use a combination of guided meditation/journeys, sound healing, drumming to facilitate guests’ ability to sink into their universal truth of love. In sacred space, prepared with incense, crystals and loving intentions we sit in a circle. Discovering ceremonial doses (about 4oz.) raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. Revered in Mayan traditions for its ability to connect with the heart and open the senses, cacao is said to bring you to the door and you can choose to enter the heart space. For those willing to go deeper, the process can accelerate an understanding of loving clarity of heart and mind. Imagine a blissful grin spread over your face while a wave deeply felt love rippling through the body, first at energetic and emotional levels and eventually at core and spirit levels. Cacao can help us, from this loving state, release and transform old pains and densities that we hold allowing us to reconnect to our truest nature. Sometimes this appears as giggles and belly laughter or tears of joy while releasing old sorrow. Over the past 11 years of working with the spirits of cacao, I’ve had the pleasure to watch beautiful transformations.

The ceremonies are about 2 hours in length, generally seated or lying down, but the effect of cacao as a stimulant can last many more hours depending on sensitivities. For those resisting the possibilities of sacred cacao all it does is create a caffeine like buzz. Physiologically, the main active ingredient that we experienced in ceremony is Theobromine. “Theo-broma literally translates as God-Food, and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone.” Additionally, phenethylamine, helps relieve stress and depression stored in the body and can lead to emotional euphoria, heightened sensations and empathy.
Our Cacao is prepared especially for ceremony and comes from Mexico and Guatemala.

It is safe to drink however please make us aware if any of the following apply to you:

* If you are taking anti depressants or any other medication (MAOI’s and some antidepressants should not be taken with cacao, intense headaches are likely. It is still possible to participate in the ceremonies with a very, very, low dose)

* If you have a heart condition as cacao increases the blood flow to the brain and heart by at least 40%

* If you are pregnant as we will give you a smaller dose
What to bring:

* Your journal and a pen to write down any insights from your journey

* Any crystals or tools you like to connect with while journeying

* Dress in comfortable loose clothing

* Your water bottle. Drinking water during the ceremony is not encouraged, but you should hydrate well immediately after the ceremony and throughout the day to facilitate the flushing process.

Try their recipe for a delicious cup of Cacao.


More about Michelle B. Helfner, L.Ac. : I spent years working as an artist, waitress and even corporate investigator before listening to the clear voice in my heart guiding me into alternative medicines.  While in New York, in 2001, I first studied massage and was quickly guided to a Masters in Chinese Medicine.  Those inspired messages are a constant blessing in how I get work and share my love of the healing arts. In 2008 I came to Guatemala for a change in perspective and was changed on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I moved to San Marcos and to attend the Las Pirámides Meditation Center and where I studied esoteric metaphysics.  My studies included hermetic kabbala, tarot, numerology, lucid dreaming and astral traveling, astrology, yoga, fasting and periods of silent meditation. In San Marcos, I also had the opportunity to study and teach at the Flower House.   I have completed many 5 day silences and additional 20 and 40 day silences as well.  These are periods of deep reflection into the self and allow for awareness of all of the senses and better understandings of the universe.  I was also lead by my heart to receive my 200hr yoga teacher certification from the School of Yoga Institute at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Santiago.  During these studies and being surrounded my Mayan culture and traditional ceremonies I became deeply interested studies in the Shamanic aspects of acupuncture as a healer.  During my first drumming ceremony the vision of myself as a drummer was clear and so began my own exploration as a guide for other into the non-ordinary realities.  Whether through acupuncture, massage, energy work or drumming, I believe that through providing a safe and sacred space, each person, through their own experience can explore other realities and understandings of well-being.  In this space they have a stronger ability to heal and become their truest selves.

I am blessed to be able to live most of the year in Troncones, Mexico and a few months in San Marcos, Guatemala  working at the beautiful Present Moment Retreat.  The remainder of the year I travel visiting much missed and loved family and friends.  I am ever grateful for this life of abundance and this magical path.