Cacao for Every Lifestyle

Sip.  Eat.  Embrace. 

Enjoy cacao, whichever way it fits into your life.   Finding the right cacao grade that fits your lifestyle, schedule, dietary needs and everything in between...

“Not all Cacao is created equally.  We are devoted to sharing a transparent platform of all we offer. Especially the deep and symbiotic relationship between the farmer and the earth, healer and plant medicine."


Heirloom Cacao Beans

These heirloom cacao beans are jam packed with energy & nutrition. We love to remove the husk & save it in a jar to make delicious cacao husk tea! Or feel free to munch all the goodness at once. Fermented in cedar boxes, sun-dried and minimally roasted in the traditional way.

A half a handful a day will have you fueled & alert, creating a higher vibration to ride on.

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Ceremonial Grade Cacao

An ideal introductory cacao for anyone desiring to welcome this incredible medicine into their everyday lives. DaliLeo's pure ceremonial grade sipping cacao is the perfect coffee alternative & that 3PM needed pick-me-up. 


Ancestral Grade Cacao

This is a true alchemists cacao. The bean is stone ground over 4 days, removing 5-10% of the cacao butter. This allows for a deeper nutritional absorption and energetic experience. Gentler on sensitive stomachs.

We recommend this cacao for ceremonies & deeper meditative uses. Ancestral grade cacao carries the deepest & highest energy complex for inner work. A true One World favorite.

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Truly Raw Cacao

Cacao is genuinely 100% raw when harvested & processed through all- natural steps right on our farm. With careful & controlled steps DaliLeo cacao has crafted the true idea of “raw” cacao.

It starts during harvest when certain fruits are set aside. Fermented meticulously in cedar box's, being turned & flipped between boxes regularly to keep the temperature well below 42°C. This stimulates the life bean to start the process of germination, liberating enzymes to prepare the bean to sprout. We sundry it just before fully ripened, when all the strength of the bean is still just potential.

The beans are then stone ground without the roasting/heating process which creates a nutty, unique, hearty, earthy & smooth (truly raw) cacao.