Our first initiative is our Guatemalan Youth Trade Skills Program.


“People from other parts of the world think differently. It is interesting to meet these people and understand this other mindset. I can listen to other people from around the world and understand, ‘this is how other people think.”

-Miguel Sancoy ( Maich)

Since launching in May 2018 We have witnessed young indigenous kids step into their voices, discover a sense of self worth and belonging, and transform from shy and timid into inspiring and powerful leaders!!!

Interested in Sponsoring a child and changing the course of someones life?

The chemicals destroys your earth, so I prefer the organic way. It takes a little bit more to do, but it helps the plants a lot to be healthier. It is the better way, and it is better for the people that use or eat the plants later. Other farmers are using chemicals a lot but I don’t like this.”

“Also I learn from the volunteers, they bring different opinions that they tell me, and they also tell me things in English that I learn from. I want to learn more english in my life because sometime I will have to know it. I want to interact with more volunteers that come here, to hear their opinions, what they think about this place, all about what we are doing.”
— Ricardo
In the courses I learnt a lot of terracing and the importance of it. We went to Kichaya (?), where we learnt about the flow of the water system, how to use natural resources, how to filter water from soap, much of those things that are important for life. I Iike that a lot. I liked the field trip. There arrives many foreigners who are very intelligent during these courses. I learnt English from them, and I learned some French and about France as well. I want to learn more about the volunteers, and from the volunteers. It is an energy to work with them. I am very happy to speak with them, about their travels.
— Miguel Sancoy

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We are all just walking each other home,

We are One World, One Human Family.

Nola Ganem, the Founder of One World Cacao is very close with many members of the indigenous Mayan villages of Lake Atitlan region.

One World Cacao was founded with this Mission and Vision at the heart of it all.

One World Cacao is working alongside of Granja tz’ikin in Tzununa, Lago Atitlan. Through our cacao experiences and offerings we have been able to support a full adults salary to one very special young man, Miguel, this past year. Nola met Miguel when we was 6 or 7 years old. He was shy and thin as a bone, selling his moms beautiful weavings in the street. They became instant friends and shared many deep conversations about the challenges and struggles of he and his families life. In reality, the overwhelming responsibilities he held as a young man of 6 or 7 years old, growing up with no father( he was killed) and the second oldest boy to his mom and sisters. He is now 14 and working with us, speaking of his dream to have his own business and to travel, healthy and strong, his family too, when only a year ago, afraid to leave his town for fear of death. Change happens with LOVE.

These children’s lives are challenging beyond measure and the responsibilities vast. We are tremendously proud to be witness and part in supporting and guiding young leaders lion hearts being born.

This program is empowering these young men and women with skills, support and work, providing them an adults salary to be trained in permaculture design, building, growing, agro-forestry, and youth leadership skills.

They are learning English & French primarily and other languages, learning and also teaching permaculture to backpackers and tourists, which they love- and always sent home with empowered hearts, hydrated bodies & full bellies and baskets of fresh hand grown organic foods for their families from the lands
they are tending.

Our work is to show up, follow through on our agreements and share our hearts and opportunities as one human family and One World. As we grow so will the limbs of our reach.


As we grow we will fund this through our wellness programs, sales of their cacao,

sponsorship and donations from beautiful humans like you and our communities we serve.