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our mission

"One World Cacao is a wellness and education platform selling some of the world's rarest single-origin, Eco-forested cacao from Guatemala. Our mission is to provide an authentic cacao experience for the North American market. Through empowered education, experience, outreach and adventure, we will serve as a bridge connecting hearts and minds, communities and cultures. Creating One World."


Our first initiative is our Guatemalan Youth Trade Skills Program.

Nola Ganem, the Founder of One World Cacao has been living in and out of Guatemala for the past 8 years deeply immersing herself in the shamanic and healing properties of cacao. In this time, she became very close with many members of the indigenous Mayan villages of this region. We now consider each other family, specifically the young boys who have to be selling goods in the streets, so their families may eat and their mothers who offer their
traditional ancestral weavings. She always looked out for them and them for her. One World Cacao is now empowering these young men with skills and work, providing them an adults salary to be trained in permaculture design, building, growing, agro-forestry, and youth leadership skills. They will be taught English and sent home with empowered hearts, hydrated bodies & full bellies and baskets of fresh hand grown organic foods for their families from the lands
they are tending. Our work is to show up, follow through on our agreements and share our hearts and opportunities as one human family and One World. As we grow so will the limbs of our reach.

Nola is currently supporting this prior to taking her own Salary. 

As we grow we will fund this through our wellness programs, sales of their cacao,

sponsorship and donations from our communities we serve.

Interested in Sponsoring a child and changing the course of someones life?

Contact us, we would be honored to empower you in this life changing work.

We are all just walking each other home,

we are One World, One Human Family.