Meet Nola Ganem

"Let's create platforms & relationships so cacao can be integrated into the healing world"

"Since I was a young girl I have had an intuitive and healing touch, accompanied by an inquisitive and driven mind to seek the trust and purpose dormant within me. I have been a professional in the holistic healing arts since 2004 and run my own very successful and on high demand specialized massage therapy & energy healing practice for 12 years.

I specialize in pain management, traditional thai massage, cranial sacral therapy, Mayan abdominal massage, polarity, woman’s care, herbal nutrition and indigenous/shamanic healing modalities. I have not lived  year round in the United States since I was 19 years old, traveling and immersing myself in indigenous cultures and healing modalities. In addition to a passion for science, and the anatomy of our spirit,  I have become a bridge between Worlds." - Nola Ganem


We are all in this together... 

"One human family.  Our passion is in empowering, educating and serving others in discovering their own purpose, gifts and self worth"

Nola was raised by parents well beyond their time in offering a creative and holistic upbringing.  She was brought up with the wisdom that there is life, story and magic in all things, if you can just listen close enough.  She was raised with the continual message that you create your reality and to live the life you love.

This foundation has been priceless in Nola’s belief in bringing dreams to reality and living in inspiration with a purpose driven life.  She’s has a zest and always been drawn like a magnet to international travel, culture, color, experience and learning from elders and community living.  This passion has taken her all over the world and molded into a deeply.

She has been working as A professional in the Holistic Healing Arts since 2004, and has been sought out for her healing work and touch.

8 Years ago Nola was called by the cacao spirit ( as the shamans would say) to embark upon her own journey and mission to restore the understanding of this powerful medicinal teacher plant, and to educate upon the incredibly fulfilling energetic and wellness benefits of it (Cacao is the most nutrient dense natural and whole plant on the planet!)

She has lived between Rhode Island and Guatemala for the past eight years and wishes to only deepen her reach and impact in the communities that have given her so much. She has a direct relationship with a beautiful Mayan farm in Guatemala and a large community and incredible referral network she has built over the past fourteen years of her professional practice.