Meet Nola Ganem

"Let's create platforms & relationships so cacao can be integrated into the healing world"


We are all in this together...

"One human family. Our passion is in empowering, educating and serving others in discovering their own purpose, gifts and self worth"

Nola Ganem is a healing arts professional who has re-centered her life and vision around bringing the healing potentials of Cacao to communities and wellness practitioners around the world.


Since a young girl, Nola has been working with her own naturally intuitive and healing touch. With a driven and inquisitive mind, she has found purpose not only activating her own skills as a healer, but in helping others to awaken those innate gifts within themselves. Nola has worked as a professional in the holistic healing arts since 2004 – over the past 13 years, she has cultivated a healthy specialized massage therapy & energy healing practice.

Living as an entrepreneur, ceremonial space holder, student, practitioner, and educator – Nola has been integrating her life, business, and purpose with Cacao for the past 8 years.

In 2017, Nola saw the need for a new kind of company to serve the needs, power, and potential of Cacao. Since this inception, One World Cacao has worked directly with specific farms and communities in Guatemala to source and re-cultivate one of the highest grade Cacao strains available. Rooted in community and ecosystem health, OWC’s impact-oriented business model catalyzes harmonious relationships between the people, places, and plants involved in every aspect of their business – from beautiful products, to ceremonial experiences, to immersive retreats.