1 Kilo Cacao Paste Bricks

1 Kilo Cacao Paste Bricks

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All natural and organic Cacao Paste. This recent breakthrough in healthy chocolate is being praised in the industry for its incredible versatility. Our Cacao Paste processes more smoothly and easily than almost any other form of chocolate.

Our one-of-a-kind cacao paste makes it easy to use cacao in all your recipes, since it blends evenly without having to grind up the nibs. Perfect for dark chocolate shavings on cakes and ice cream, or home-made raw fudge with flavor like no other.

The cacao paste is manufactured by grinding the nibs into a smooth liquid state. The product remains liquid only as long as it is being ground and then solidifies at room temperature. There is no heat used in the process. Since we try to process it as little as possible, the size and shape will vary.


Sourced from Dalileo Chocolate at Finca Porvenir

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*don’t mix cacao with dairy if you wish to receive the antioxidant & flavonoid benefits*

Here at One World, we strive to create an easy, enjoyable cacao sipping experience for everyone. By utilizing traditional hand & stone grinding techniques, all of our cacao not only has a convenience factor, but a true, genuine energy that can bring light, love & warm healing to your everyday life.

All you have to do is scoop a serving spoon of One World Cacao, follow the directions etched on the recycled rice-paper packaging & consume all the goodness the Cacao Spirit has to offer.

Wholesale & bulk pricing for your communities & retail spaces are available upon request

Please be sure to consult your physician before consumption of cacao if you are currently using any heavy medications or have past conditions such as crohn's disease, epilepsy, depression, high-blood pressure, heart related health concerns.