Pure Criollo Cacao Beans

Pure Criollo Cacao Beans

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100 % Single Origin & Direct Trade Sacred Fire-Roasted Criollo Cacao Beans.

These Criollo cacao beans are jam packed with energy & nutrition. We love to remove the husk & save it in a jar to make delicious cacao husk tea! Or feel free to munch all the goodness at once.

A half a handful a day will have you fueled & alert, creating a higher vibration to ride on.

Bliss is just one bite away

Whole Cacao Beans:
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The cacao beans are hand toasted over an open fire by Mayan hands in a cloud forest in Guatemala. The fire activates the synergistic, nutritional & energetic qualities of these magic beans.

Cacao holds the crown for the highest natural source of magnesium, iron & antioxidants in the natural plant kingdom. Wonderful option for pre & post workout fuel & recovery for all of you yogis, athletes, adventurers, & trainers (& just for an everyday boost).

 4-7 beans will fuel you with keen sharpness & grounded energy for hours. Add to your favorite non-dairy recipes & treats as well for a healthy crunch!