Abuela Blend

Abuela Blend

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One World Cacao’s original adaptive blend of drinking cacao.  This deeply nourishing formulation is the perfect combination to rejuvenate and support your nervous system and spirit throughout your everyday. We hand blend in micro batches and store in a glass jars to preserve it’s aromatic flavor and healing properties.

Ingredients: 100% Dalileo Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade Cacao,  Ashwaganda, Maca, Cinnamon, Cardamom. 

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Heat or steam your favorite nut milk (recommended) on the stove top or Barista Machine.

6oz.: Add two large tablespoons of Abuela and froth or steam. 

8oz.: Add 3 large tablespoons of Abuela and froth or steam.  

Add sweeteners to taste.

Store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight.