Ancestral Grade Cacao

Ancestral Grade Cacao

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100 % Single Origin & Direct Trade Sacred Ancestral Grade Sipping Chocolate.

Utilizing a special DaliLeo cacao blend with just a small percentage of the  cacao butter removed we are able to receive the energies, & healing benefits faster & on a much deeper level while sipping Ancestral grade cacao. 

We recommend this cacao for ceremonies & deeper meditative uses. Ancestral grade cacao carries the deepest & highest energy complex for inner work. A true One World favorite.

PS: This grade is also more gentle on sensitive stomachs. 

Bliss is just one sip away 

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*don’t mix cacao with dairy if you wish to receive the antioxidant & flavonoid benefits*

Here at One World, we strive to create an easy, enjoyable cacao sipping experience for everyone. By utilizing traditional hand & stone grinding techniques, all of our cacao not only has a convenience factor, but a true, genuine energy that can bring light, love & warm healing to your everyday life.

All you have to do is scoop a serving spoon of One World Cacao, follow the directions etched on the recycled rice-paper packaging & consume all the goodness the Cacao Spirit has to offer.

Wholesale & bulk pricing for your communities & retail spaces are available upon request