Cacao Mint Tea

Cacao Mint Tea

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A One World Cacao favorite!  Rejoice in the clean, fresh, and invigorating taste of our 100% organic peppermint and cacao husk tea.  This simple and elegant tea is hand formulated and stored in a glass jars to preserve it minty flavor.

Ingredients: 100% Dalileo Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade Cacao Husks, *Peppermint Leaves (*Certified Organic)

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Directions for The Perfect Cup:  Add 2 tablespoons per 6oz. water to a French press or tea ball.  Pour hot water (185 degrees).  Allow to steep for 5-10  minutes.  Enjoy your hot or iced!

*Did you know that cacao husks carry twice the nutritional compounds as our beloved beans?

Store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight.