Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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One World Cacao offers three grades of Ceremonial Cacao directly sourced from a remote and micro-climate region known as the Jaguars Head of Guatemala: Ancestral Grade, Ceremonial Grade, Truly Raw Cacao. We offer our cacao in its traditionally poured cacao paste block form and also in convenient hand ground canisters.

Ingredients: 100% Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade

VARIETY - Ancestral Grade Cacao: Utilizing a special Dalileo cacao blend with just a small percentage of the  cacao butter removed we are able to receive the energies, & healing benefits faster & on a much deeper level while sipping Ancestral grade cacao. 

We recommend this cacao for ceremonies & deeper meditative uses. Ancestral grade cacao carries the deepest & highest energy complex for inner work.

VARIETY - Ceremonial Grade Cacao: An ideal introductory cacao for anyone desiring to welcome this incredible medicine into their everyday lives. Dalileo's pure ceremonial grade sipping cacao is the perfect coffee alternative & that 3PM needed pick-me-up.

VARIETY - Truly Raw Cacao: Cacao is genuinely 100% raw when harvested & processed through all- natural steps right on our farm. With careful & controlled steps DaliLeo cacao has crafted the true idea of “raw” cacao.

It starts during harvest when certain fruits are set aside. Fermented meticulously in cedar box's, being turned & flipped between boxes regularly to keep the temperature well below 42°C. This stimulates the life bean to start the process of germination, liberating enzymes to prepare the bean to sprout. We sundry it just before fully ripened, when all the strength of the bean is still just potential.

The beans are then stone ground without the roasting/heating process which creates a nutty, unique, hearty, earthy & smooth (truly raw) cacao.

Our single origin farm nestled in a cloud forest deep within the Guatemalan country side has been working with the native population to continue growing the heirloom version of cacao, Criollo. Selecting seeds from the oldest growing regions of the Mayan people they continue the heritage of what truly is The Drink of the Gods. Using the same process of ancient times, Dalileo Chocolate is a truly off grid water powered farm uses stone grinders to bring you a product that Mayans of old would have in their cupboards.

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Directions for The Perfect Cup: 

6oz. Drink: 1 oz. cacao + 6oz. nut milk or H2O

8oz. Drink: 1.5 oz. cacao + 8oz. nut milk or H2O

Add ground cacao into the bottom of a heat safe mason jar, or blender, or barista.  Pour in boiled water or nut milk to shake, blend or steam until frothy.  Add spices, sweeteners to taste. 

*1 oz. cacao = 2 large Tablespoons 

Ingredients: 100% Dalileo Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade


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Store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight.