Mother's Day Cacao + Sound Retreat

Mother's Day Cacao + Sound Retreat


Commence with the outdoor elements and honor Mother Earth in a divine ceremony and springtime retreat. Come enjoy an evening drinking one of our earth’s most precious gifts, sacred cacao (chocolate before processing), while enjoying the deeply transformative experience and energy of community connecting through ceremony.

Your evening will open with a gentle yoga flow outdoors as you set your intentions and honor the Mother Figures in your life, past and present. Followed by a self care ritual cleansing and release with an herbal infused healing foot bath. From here we will venture inside for our mediation journey and sound healing that always uniquely channels the energy each of our inner spirits are calling for. 

The cacao spirit is a feminine and powerful teacher, one who can assist you in: letting go of old stories, cleansing negativity, opening your heart, feeling uplifted, and remembering who you truly are. This Retreat is about honoring The Divine & Mother within us all, and leaning in to the deep well of love and support available to us always from the magical and unseen world.

 The synergy of Cacao & The Gong gently invites you to open your inner doors and windows to the Love of the Universe, moving around energies, Universal energies – to enter and welcome a spiritual dimension. It is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and to clear emotional blockages.


Gently melt your mental clutter, open your heart and settle deeply into the nurturing arms of sacred community and healing space.


$50.00 Per/Person




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