Perfect Pleasure Gift Set

Perfect Pleasure Gift Set


Perfect Pleasure: Chocolate Cacao Truffled Temples + Verté Essentials Elevate Pour Le Corps Spray

The perfect combination of anandamides to enhance your blissful pleasure experience in any state, at any time. Packed together in a silver travel sachet so you can enjoy this invigorating energetic experience for the mind and body anywhere.

Made with the finest ingredients and botanicals harvested from fair-trade and organic farms in Europe, Verté Essentials, Elevate Pour Le Corps Spray is a balancing and relaxing concoction of clove, ginger, cardamom, pepper and 100 MG of premium hemp extract. This Chai Spiced blend is ideal for both topical use and as a dietary supplement, unlocking therapeutic qualities by relaxing and detoxifying muscles and joints leaving you feeling energized. Spiced whole plant botanicals & flower extracts - 118 ML e 4 FL OZ

One World Cacao’s 4-Pack Gold Leaf Chocolate Truffle Temples are poured in micro batches, made with our finest heirloom grown ceremonial cacao. Each chocolate is blended with local honey, coconut oil and coco butter, and flaked with 23-karat edible gold leaf, and local sea salt.  This luxurious treat symbolizes the relationship between the earth, healer, and plant medicine.  A true ode to the divinity of chocolate and its ancestral ties to the past as well as its contemporary transformation as a super food for the mind, body, and soul.

Create a daily ritual and ‘elevate’ your inner healing through the powers of cacao, a heart opening plant medicine, and Verté Essentials’ premium hemp extract and botanical infusion. Both products are perfectly paired, working in tandem to reduce inflammation, stress, and fight off daily irritants, while providing nutrient dense anti-oxidants. Feed your inner bliss with a ceremony of modernity and style…

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