Sacred Sunday: Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Sunday: Cacao Ceremony

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Come enjoy a Sacred Sunday retreat drinking one of our earth’s most precious gifts, sacred cacao (chocolate before processing), while enjoying the deeply transformative experience and energy of community connecting through ceremony.

Your afternoon will open with a warm cup of ceremonial cacao to gently melt your mental clutter, open your heart and settle you deeply into the nurturing arms of sacred community and healing space. From here we will enter into our mediation journey that is always a profoundly accurate and unique experience that always uniquely channels the energy each of our inner spirits are calling for .
It is our greatness we fear the most, yet when surrounded by purpose and community we are unstoppable.

Working with ceremonial cacao is an opportunity for you to access deep parts of yourself that are here to assist you in creating personal transformation, a stronger trust, deeper surrender, and a more profound and joyous connection to your heart, spirit, life and All That Is.

Through a single mission and focused, patient, action our friends and sister farm in Guatemala have reforested and planted over 150,000 old growth trees, are uniting and re-empowering the surrounding indigenous Mayan communities, and reforesting the nearly extinct criollo cacao, “the all white bean”. During our ceremony you will be experiencing and enjoying one of the rarest and most sacred cacao strains in the world.

We Welcome You!

- Wear loose comfortable clothing and a shawl for warmth if desired. Come well hydrated and bring a water bottle.
- Please let us know if you are pregnant or on a high dose prescription, we will simply adjust your serving.
- A journal or any sacred items for the altar are always welcome
- Cacao will be available for purchase to take home at the end of our gathering.

Sunday March 24

2-4PM    (4-4:30 tea)

$25 in advance $30 day of
$55 includes 16 oz ceremonial cacao block to take home ($5 discount, preregistration only)

Location: Tenth Gate Center for Yoga and Meditation

1046 East Main Road, 2nd Floor, Portsmouth, RI 02871

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