SIREN Women's Cooperative: Business Alchemy with One World Cacao

SIREN Women's Cooperative: Business Alchemy with One World Cacao

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

  • 4:00 PM  6:00 PM


In a world where we are always connected, it's become increasingly difficult to disconnect and pinpoint where we leak time and energy.  As modern working women, we can hold space and awareness within each day to facilitate balance and overcome the “hustle culture” that has become the norm.  Busyness is not a badge of honor.  It’s time to disengage, de-stress and create mindfulness within our daily lives.


The evening


Your evening will open with a warm cup of ceremonial cacao to gently melt your mental clutter, open your heart and settle you deeply into the nurturing arms of sacred community and healing space.


From here we will focus our energies together and venture within to the inner world for our meditation journey.  This is where the profound power of cacao in spiritual partnership comes through.


The cacao spirit is a feminine and powerful teacher, one who can assist you in: letting go of old stories, cleansing negativity, opening your heart, feeling uplifted, deep inspired knowing and remembering who you truly are.

There will be a time to share, to release, and to welcome anew with a group of fierce, graceful and vulnerable feminine voices.


Supporting and empowering each and finding similarity in all of our journeys to bring any shadows to the light together. This group is not limited to woman, yet in full support of the rising feminine awakening upon this planet.


What to expect:


·       How to lead and be a bridge through heart centered wisdom and modern world action.

·       Learn the importance of counsel (inner and outer)

·       Learn to tap into the Global Web we are all weaving and how to physically and energetically draw new information, intuitions, connection, inspiration and support from it

·       Participate in a channeled mediation journey unique to our group and collective energies.

·       Create a strong connection and network with other amazing woman that are just like you!

·       Walk away with a transformational experience balanced with tons of laughter, stories and wise humor. 

You will leave this evening rejuvenated, inspired and transformed, with new skills in your pocket and a whole lotta love in your heart.

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