One World Cacao

One World Cacao offers 100% Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Dalileo Chocolate at Finca el Porvenir in Guatemala in order to support its global and local wellness, educational, and trades programs.

We are striving to spread light, warmth and love through the education, growth and expansion of sacred cacao. With a new wave of alternative wellness and a greater collective awareness we are able to show the world the true, unwavering benefits for the mind, body and soul that cacao offers. Find a mug, grab a friend, share love over a cup of cacao and watch your world blossom.


Welcome to One World Cacao...

With a wellness and education platform at its core, One World Cacao offers one of the world's rarest single-origin, eco-forested cacao from Guatemala with a mission to give back to the Farmers, Guatemalan Youth, and a sustainable agroforestry system which permits economically viable reforestation in today's world.  We have created a deep, bonding partnership with the ancestors and farmers of the original cacao lovers and One World strives to give back to these farmers and communities in any way we can.

Sacred Criollo Cacao Pods Guatemala

Meet Our Source

One World Cacao offers one of the world's rarest heirloom single-origin, eco-forested cacao from Guatemala. The One World Cacao community first planted cacao from seeds selected from heirloom trees in the Mayan regions of Guatemala.

Freshly Roasted Sacred Cacao Beans

100% Single Origin Eco-Forested Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Currently we offer several grades of cacao and blends to suit all lifestyles from ceremonial, to ancestral, to pure raw product, and specialty items.  We hope every consumer enjoys cacao, whichever way it fits into their life.   Let us help you find the right cacao grade that fits your lifestyle, schedule, dietary needs and everything in between.

Founder Nola with local kids from Guatemala

Giving Back

Your purchases will not only elevate you and your brand, but have a direct impact supporting the people who work incredibly hard to grow and cultivate the purest strain of cacao in the world.  One World Cacao pledges a 10% Net Profit giveback to the local & global communities we serve.