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Not all Cacao is Created Equally. We at One World Cacao are devoted to sharing a transparent platform of all we offer. Especially the deep and symbiotic relationship between the farmer and the earth, healer and plant medicine. “



The Cacao

We planted our first cacao from seeds selected from heirloom older trees of the Mayan regions in our quest to isolate the cacao criollo strain. From the new harvests of these now producing trees, we are able to plant criollo cacao trees, selecting some seeds of some pods that present the particular
characteristics of criollo. We thus hope to increase the genetic pool of cacao criollo and help re-propagate this almost extinct strain.


The Forest

Cacao is a shade tree. We reclaimed an abandoned coffee plantation and covered it with 150 000+ mixed hardwood trees.
We are now planting our cacao trees below the canopy of our nascent forest. We also grow and dry green Cardamom which loves growing with cacao.

This is an example of a sustainable agroforestry system that permits economically viable reforestation in today's world.


Our processes

After the fermentation in cedar boxes, we sun-dry the beans. A particular fermentation and drying permits us to shell the beans right from the drying patio to produce our RAW Cacao.

For the other cacao, we minimally roast the beans on the traditional wood comal, shell them and grind them to a paste to produce our Ceremonial cacao. We use the shells to make cacao husk tea. We then stone-grind the paste for hours to make the finer Ritual cacao we .use in our chocolates.

As our beans have high butter content, we let the excess come out to make the Ancestral cacao, inspired by this old  & wise Qeqchi lady who taught us some of her secrets.

As we are isolated and completely off the grid, we produce our electricity from the water of our streams to power our stone-grinders and facilities.

When you enjoy our cacao, know you are helping us build the cacao forest




Enjoy cacao, whichever way it fits into your life.