One World Cacao


Bliss is just one sip away....

Opening Hearts, One Cup of Love at a Time. 100% Criollo Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

Grown & blessed by ancestral hands within the Cloud Forest of Guatemala.

It all started when Mayan Elders pass down precious knowledge in regards to harvesting & caring for the magical cacao beans. This beautiful, indigenous community embraces the true spirit of cacao, cherishes traditions  & has opened the chocolate doors for us.

We have created a deep, bonding partnership with the ancestors of the original cacao lovers. There is a sense of community & wholeness, and One World strives to give back to these farmers in any way we can. 

We planted our first cacao from seeds selected from heirloom older trees of the Mayan regions in our quest to isolate the cacao criollo strain. From the new harvests of these now producing trees, we are able to plant criollo cacao trees, selecting some seeds of some pods that present the particular characteristics of criollo. We thus hope to increase the genetic pool of cacao criollo and help re-propagate this almost extinct strain. 

Welcome to One World Cacao...