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SACRED CACAO + YIN YOGA RETREAT: The Sacred Center, Portsmouth RI

  • The Sacred Center 324 East Main Road Portsmouth, RI, 02871 United States (map)
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Come enjoy an afternoon retreat drinking one of our earth’s most precious gifts, sacred cacao (chocolate before processing), while enjoying the deeply transformative practice of Yin Yoga and heart - centered meditation.

Working with ceremonial cacao is an opportunity for you to access deep parts of yourself that are here to assist you in creating personal transformation, a stronger trust, deeper surrender, and a more profound and joyous connection to your heart, spirit and All That Is.

Holding yogic postures for extended durations has been practiced for centuries and gives rise to a myriad of physical, emotional, psychological and energetic benefits. One of the first fruits of this practice is deep embodiment: to feel the body from the inside and create a union with the mind.

The synergy of yin yoga, meditation and cacao is simply scrumptious.

This Oneness of mind and body is the essence of yoga, meditative practice and mindfulness of the breath and body.  Yin yoga stimulates the flow of chi, of prana, of life force, through the meridians of the body that flow through the connective tissue. The meridians are invisible energy pathways that engorge the organs and tissues of the body with fresh life and refined energy.

The practice taps into the body’s inherent wisdom that the mind cannot even begin to fathom utilizing its own inner resources to heal from the inside out.

Partnering cacao into any creative or spiritual endeavor offers us greater depth, access and connection to whatever it is we are working with. The cacao we will be working with comes directly from One World Cacao through the hands of indigenous Mayans and contains spiritual and ancient gifts of wisdom and humble power which energizes our subtle and physical bodies and opens our heart chakras to Unconditional Love.

From Alicia’s first yoga class at the age of 47, she was hooked. Traveling all over the country to study with teachers of different disciplines, Alicia began a journey that would alter the trajectory of her life. In 2005 after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, she knew that she was destined to share this life altering practice that not only physically supported her through treatment and recovery but, began to heal her life long emotional and psychic wounds.

 As a teacher, Alicia hopes that you will share this journey of self -discovery, self –love and self- compassion . She has had the privilege of studying both yoga and meditation with teachers such as Jack Kornfield , Tara Brach, Gary Kraftzow, Elena Brower , Desiree Rumbaugh , Tias Little and Cora Wen.

Nola has over 12 years of hands on professional massage and energetic healing practice in many modalities, she has been blessed to work with over 15,000 bodies and spiritual vessels in this time with an international clientele and communities. She is the founder & CEO of One World Cacao, Inc. Her passion and love for human awakening runs deep and this has led her to a deep energetic and shamanic relationship working with ceremonial cacao for the past 8 years in Guatemala and beyond. Bridging North and Central America through working with the wise a native populations and communities of this powerful plant spirit medicine  Nola is honored to share all she has learned with our beautiful seaside community.

$40 Early Bird/$45 Drop In. BUY TICKETS HERE