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Cacao & The Elementals: A Ceremony at Simmons Farm

FRIDAY AUGUST 24th -  5:30 PM

FRIDAY AUGUST 24th - 5:30 PM

Cacao & The Elementals

A Ceremony at Simmons Farm

Imagine yourself so light, so free, so connected to your life, your heart, your soul, fully living in your purpose… We cannot create the life of our dreams without first dreaming it into being and taking the action steps needed to bring it forth. It simply is not in the cards to do so, which is why we curate gatherings such as these to come together.

-A message to ponder from The Goddess of Cacao

Your evening will begin upon arrival to the beautiful farmhouse at Simmons Farm with a warm welcome & cup of pure ceremonial cacao traditionally sourced, prepared & blessed by your host & guide, Nola Ganem.

Your healing journey continues as we walk with “intention” & “reflection” up to the upper clover flower paddock overlooking Narragansett Bay. Metaphorically walking with and bringing all you have experienced, are experiencing and are in your own process with up into your heart space as a growing offering to the elemental magic & bonfire burning up ahead. Welcoming all that you are ready for resolution with, to integrate, thank and release as you enter into our beautiful sweet summer evenings sacred space.

We will be doing a very special herbal water lustration “bath” that is a light filled & powerful way of cleansing and connecting with the elementals, the consciousness of the elements and nature spirits. You are asked to gather flowers, herbs and other natural finds that you wish to bring and use for “lustration bath”.

Inspirations and suggestions will be posted in the event throughout the week!

This will be a fun, sunset filled, beautiful & powerful Cacao Ceremony

& of course all of the One World Cacao community love will be present!

All Are Welcome!



5:30 PM


Simmons Farm

1942 W Main Road

Middletown, RI 02842