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Hearts around the world...

Read first hand how One World has brought DaliLeo Cacao to folks from all over with all one common love: Cacao!  See how the changes, expansions, health benefits and overall growth, progress and experiences have shaped the One World family. 

One World Cacao has allowed me to become healthier with less stress on my system, & it also helped my athletic performance. As an 11x Ironman athlete, I have turned to those sacred cacao beans that One World Cacao offers to use in my training.
— -BJ Gumkowski - The Yogitriathletes

A breakfast cup of hot cacao with a dash of cayenne, cinnamon and tumeric daily has been my
‘superfood’ and meal replacement since June 2017...I feel very blessed to have found what I call ‘The Brown Milk of Mother Earth!’
— Rick Wilson

Nola First introduced me to the power of cacao and it has become such a beautiful part of my journey. Assisting in opening up new parts of myself, tuning me into my body, and expanding my consciousness. Nola also created a community, a network of love and sacred ceremonies that held me and wrapped me in safety and understanding.
— -Emily Perkins-; Healer; Coach; Holistic Esthetician

With cacao as my loving guide into self-inquiry, I have been able to deepen my understanding of Self and to soothe whatever catalysts caused my autoimmune system to become blindingly inflamed. I have been able to cease taking all my prescribed autoimmune disease medications. My vision has improved and my sight has become more balanced. I have developed an openness for self-love and developed faith in my own personal power.
— Stephanie robb- MA, CAGS, Journey Illuminated

I’ve tried several different types of cacao in my short experiences with it and One World is BY FAR the best!
— Kristen Crisp - Owner-Sanity Gurus Yoga & Wellness Guides, Gainesville, FL

I love DaliLeo Cacao for my ceremonies. The balance of the energy of his organic cacao is perfect for deep healing, release, and manifesting. Plus, it is delicious! I love knowing the source of the cacao I’m serving my clients – knowing it comes from a sustainable farm with organic farming practices that empowers the community and workers around it.
— Mindy West Mindy West Spiritual Living