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Guate-Mayan Cultural Immersion Retreat

Transformational Adventure to the Mayan Heartland: November 7-14, 2019

Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Alta Vera Paz - Guatemala

With Nola Ganem, Founder of One World Cacao, Neal Hegarty of Granja Tzikin,

& Laurent Maniet, Founder of Dalileo Chocolate

Are you interested in having a new type of travel experience? For too long people have come to Central America with an extractive gaze, only asking, “What can I take from here?”  We believe that it’s time for travel and tourism to adopt a spirit of giving, learning and cultural exchange, so that both the visitors and the places and communities visited, are enriched by the experience. In this adventure of a lifetime, come to Guatemala and experience firsthand, some of the most amazing community focused projects, aimed at giving back. Giving back to nature by feeding the soil, planting trees, cleaning water, giving back to people by setting up micro businesses and entrepreneurs in sustainable ventures. 

Our old stories are dying, we are writing a new story, one that says humans are not intrinsically bad for the planet, greedy and selfish, these are just behaviors we have adopted. We are part of nature, we belong on this planet and we can take help to heal her and ourselves, if we heed the lessons of the ancient cultures and forgotten places. On this adventure you will…

  • Visit a growing organic farm cooperative on Lake Atitlan, with a mission of helping to save Lake Atitlan, through ecologically appropriate agriculture

  • Work with the family of one of the young interns of this cooperative, to repair a house and set up a family garden

  • Visit the incredible community of Quixaya, where an indigenous community reclaimed their ancestral lands 30 years ago, and using a mix of their ancestral knowledge and permaculture training, have create a paradise that has to be seen to be believed 

  • Learn about Mayan cosmovision and plant medicine, and how the ancient wisdom holds the key to a better future

  • Visit the our source provider at Finca Porvenir, where Laurent Maniet has created an abundant cacao forest

  • Work with the community around Porvenir, to get your hands dirty, setting up a local family to join the organic cacao revolution

  • Learn traditional weaving of the Mayan people, how to make chocolate, toast coffee, grow veggies and much, much more!!


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